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Beautiful Sedona, Arizona

Serving the professional business community of Sedona with excellence and service since 1993

The Sedona Referrals Club is a group of business owners who meet weekly to share information on their businesses and support each other with referrals through the many personal and professional connections we all have. Members maintain the highest professional integrity. Each business category is represented by one member and conflicts of interest are disallowed.


Sending someone you care about to someone you trust


2017 Sedona Referrals Club Officers
President – Christopher Wales
Vice President of Membership – Alan Freedman
Treasurer – Kathleen Fleming and Bill Klauser
Secretary – Sandra Barrett
Public Relations – Angelo LaMarco
Scribe – Doug Decker
Referrals Master – Rosemary Anderson

2017-2018 SRC Board Members




Jane Perini Design and Marketing Communications

Jane Perini Design and Marketing Communications

“In many ways the Sedona Referrals Club is like a warm, extended family… The members are very welcoming and they work hard to support and refer each other. I never hesitate to recommend any club member to my friends and associates.”
Jane Perini, Thunder Mountain Design & Communications





Christopher G. Wales, Sir Moves A Lot

Christopher G. Wales, Sir Moves A Lot

“My service based business depends on sales volume to succeed. I consciously chose the Sedona Referrals Club because it is one of the largest and most active referral clubs in the area. The net result is that I have effectively increased my sales force exponentially while minimizing related expenses. The volume and quality of referrals I’ve received so far confirms my decision. Joining the Sedona Referrals Club may very well be the best return on any investment I make in my business this year.”
Christopher G. Wales, Sir Moves A Lot


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