Roxie Reece

519 N Leroux Street

Welcome to the Studio Rox Advanced Aesthetics, Plasma Skin Tightening and Collagen Induction Therapy page! We Specialize in Highly Results driven non-invasive and customized procedures that transform the skin you are in. We provide a unique, yet effective approach to remove wrinkles (permanently) and rewind the aging process 10-15 years. Our goal for each client personal customized plan that will correct and transform the Following: long Lasting (Permanent) removal of wrinkles, fine lines, loose saggy or creping skin, hyperpigmentation, restore Elastin, restore collagen, smooth textures skin, shrink pores, remove milia, smooth and remove Acne Scarring, minimize scarring, minimize (remove) stretchmarks, correct/remove hooded eyes, under eye wrinkles or bags, crows feet, tighten lose neck skin, mini and or full face lifts, and an alternative to that of surgical or invasive procedures.

This is who Roxie says are her perfect clients:
Baby boomers of the world unite! This is my ideal clientele. More specifically anyone who is combating the aging process currently or who would like to permanently removes wrinkles/fine lines and re-vamp their skin. Removing those wrinkles and revealing that youthful skin within once again, this is my job with each client. The aging process is not always congruent with our specific age in number. the signs of aging can vary due to may factors, health, diet, environment, genes etc. Therefore I would say clients 30+ years and up are who I treat across the board. Specifically, My ideal prospect is anyone who is combatting the aging process, who currently has wrinkles/fine lines/ creping or loss of elasticitiy and collagen (volume in the face) and who is looking to dramatically reverse the signs of aging (without surgical or invasive procedures)). In terms of my target market, I will treat any age (those who are looking to prevent OR reverse) However, My business is genuinely geared towards those who are looking to reverse the signs of aging and who are currently combatting this. I say baby boomers as a way to help channel the specifics of what I do. On average I see clients within this age range who are looking to still have that vibrant look and feel in life and who are seeking that greater sense of health longevity and feeling/looking great in the skin they are in!

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