Donald Masters – December 16th – Westrail Paintworks

Donald Masters of Westrail Paintworks was our presenter December 16th and he brought in some of his equipment that enables him to do a good job every time.

Westrail studies the job thoroughly first and gives a detailed quote for the work to be done. Their prep work is extremely detailed to ensure the only things painted are what you asked for! They only paint exteriors within a certain temperature range and only if the weather conditions are right so that the paint adheres and covers properly.

Having the right tool for the job makes all the difference to how quickly and how efficiently they can complete the work so Donald explained some of the tricks of his trade and how various tools are used, for example a masking gun, a memory foam roller, extension poles, paint compressors of various sizes, a good quality paint brush etc.

In between exterior painting they are equally available to handle a one room or whole house inside painting contract with the same professional approach they use for all their work.

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