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Lynn Matthews
Wellness 4 Life, LLC

Wellness 4 Life, LLC

Health and Wellness

Wellness 4 Life, LLC focuses on helping people create a healthy lifestyle so they can reclaim their health and vitality through the field of health and wellness. As an ASEA Independent Consultant, I educate people on cellular health and market breakthrough cellular health products.

As a certified yoga teacher, I teach yoga, yoga nidra and meditation and train yoga teachers at the college level.

I love giving people hope.  I help them look at their health and lives holistically.  I encourage them to take responsibility for their own health and wellness and I educate them on how to do this with a technology that is 100% safe, non-toxic and has no side effects.

The ASEA technology is a health, anti-aging and athletic breakthrough.  It is a true category creator as there is nothing like this in the world.  The molecules that are in every bottle and every tube are already in every cell in our bodies.  They are native to the body and enhance cellular communication, empowering the body to heal itself.

Cellular Health Technology

Discover a cellular health technology that empowers your cells and your body to function optimally.

At Wellness 4 Life, LLC, we are committed to helping you attain and maintain optimal wellness. Lynn has been empowering people to live healthier, more balanced lives for more than 15 years. She provides education on the importance of cellular health and how to achieve it.

If you think about it, you are only as healthy as your healthiest cells. And, unfortunately, as we age, cells get damaged or simply wear out leading to lack of energy, trouble sleeping and worse.

Nutrition, supplements, and exercise are vital for health, but if your cells are not communicating and functioning properly, these things are not as effective as they could be. Our bodies are designed to detect and repair damaged cells, but we are exposed to so many environmental toxins now that our cells simply cannot keep up

The revolutionary products that evolved from this health science breakthrough are changing how we approach health, anti-aging and even athletics. Do you want to enhance your health?  Do you like to be proactive with your health?  Do you want to look and feel younger?  Do you want to perform better and recover faster? Do want to make a difference in your life and the lives of others?  If you answered yes, you deserve to know about this!

Improve your health and vitality. Allow Lynn to educate you on this foundational technology, why it is so impactful and how it is changing lives around the globe.

Wellness 4 Life, LLC

Lynn Matthews

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