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Reena Kaur Khalsa Khalsa Attorneys at Law, PLC

Reena Kaur Khalsa
Khalsa Attorneys at Law, PLC

Reena Kaur Khalsa, Law Firm

Khalsa Attorneys at Law, PLC

Law firm primarily specialized in Immigration, but willing to consult on any area of law. We have already taken cases in the personal injury field as well as Business Formation. My firm is special because of the four pillars that we focus on: (1) Service, (2) Compassion, (3) Humility, and (4) Purity. We are very focused on providing a service-oriented atmosphere inside and outside of the firm.

I love being in the courtroom. I also generally love helping people and seeing the look of excitement on their face when they get a result that they really wanted. Compassion is what helps us to get into your shoes and feel what your feeling, so that we can fight the case as if the injustice happened to us personally. Having humility allows us to always remember that we work for you–it is your decision how much money you want to put into your legal situation and if and when you want to pull the plug. Lastly, Purity is all about Khalsa. Khalsa is a baptized form of a Sikh person from the Sikhism religion, and Khalsa literally translates to “pure ones.” This is why Purity is at the heart of the firm. We strive to be as honest and pure with you about the circumstances as we can so that you have no surprises and you can make informed decisions. These four pillars are what make Khalsa Attorneys at Law unique and tailor-made for any person who needs a lawyer!

Reena Kaur Khalsa - Khalsa Attorneys at Law PLC - Law Firm

Khalsa Attorneys at Law, PLC
Reena Kaur Khalsa

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