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Gregg Matheny Medicare

Gregg Matheny

Helping people get Medicare as well as helping them get a Medicare Advantage or Medicare supplement plan no matter what income or health complications.

What makes my services different than any other Medicare agent out there is that my special niche is helping those who are on a limited income. When I meet with a potential client my 2 main priorities are getting them on a plan where their foreseeable health care costs are covered and saving them as much money as possible. I accomplish this by finding out what health concerns exist in their family history as well as what their biggest worries are in the future. I am extremely familiar with Medicaid and how it works along with Medicare. I have helped several people in the past with solutions to their unique medicare problems, and some of them are not even my clients. What I like most about my career is that I truly get to help people.

Professional Licenses Held:

Arizona state health insurance license

Robert H. Recently called me to just say: “thank you”. Robert also went on to say: I sure am glad that we called you up! After our most recent conversation i received all the paperwork just a couple days after we talked just like you said. We actually got reimbursed for the past three months for both me and my wifes part B premium as well as all our medications. Its a little over a thousand dollars! i cant say thank you enough.


Gregg Matheny

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