New Local Business – May 2 – Topic of Discussion

Local Business was the Topic Discussed at This Week’s Presentation

The club used the Presenter’s time today to discuss the best way to work with new local business in the area to bring them to the club and get them the best start at building their businesses. Any new business owners in the area should contact Alan Freedman at the number above to discuss visiting the club and discussing how the club could help them in their growth efforts.

Speaker and Greeter

Sig Hauer, Licensed Acupuncturist, was the Speaker and gave a lively presentation about dogs he and his wife Sarah have rescued from time to time. The Greeter was Bill Klauser from Bios Life Slim.

Next Week

The Presenter for May 9 will be Larry Phillips from SuperTree Tree Service, and there will be now Speaker for that meeting. The Greeter will be Sig Hauer.

Referral Business Year to Date

The Sedona Referrals Club generated more than $56,000 in business for its members in 2018.

Every Week

srclogo-100pxThe Sedona Referrals Club meets over breakfast every Wednesday morning at 7:00 am at The Heartline Cafe in West Sedona. Our purpose is to promote each members business via the exchange of prospective referrals. We believe in sending someone you know to someone you trust. Only one member represents each business category.

Each meeting features a business presenter for ten minutes and a speaker who shares some personal experience for five minutes. The meeting is rounded out with a one-minute commercial from each member and guest.

Would you like to grow your local business?

Give us a call to visit and enjoy a breakfast on us! If you know you are ready or have questions, call Vice President for Membership, Alan Freedman at 928-639-3828 or President, Christopher Wales, at 928-282-2150.

Looking for a product or service?

We just might have the person to fill your needs.

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