Solar Power

Rho Ostrowski – Solar Life Sedona

Solar life provides Solar Power Installation that will save you money in an ecological manner.

Solar Life provides our you and your family with the means to be independent for your utility. Solar Life takes the time to match your needs with specific solutions and partners that can meet them at a cheaper price than what you’re currently paying for electricity.

Solar Life is about doing everything in our power to get you the power you need! Our focus is 100% on client satisfaction.

Solar Life is more than just a Solar Panel installation company. They are Energy Solution Brokers, this means they can match your needs with specific solutions and partners of product and financing.

Connect with Rho at 928-362-0837 or 505-280-3700

You can email him at Rho@SolarLife.Biz

His website is SolarLife.Biz

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