If you got trees..

Larry Phillips of Supertree Services LLC – Feb 10 – Business Presenter

Today’s presentation at the Sedona Referral Club was by Larry Phillips, Supertree Services, LLC, serving Flagstaff and Northern Arizona.  Larry appeared in full tree climbing regalia and described the process of properly caring for trees and both the aesthetic and economic reasons for making that investment.  Properly cared for trees […]

Larry Phillips of Supertree Business Presenter Feb. 10, 2016

Meeting Notes: June 29, 2011

Mr. Larry Phillips of SUPERTREE Services, LLC in Flagstaff was the showboater for the June 29th meeting. “Our mission is to partner with you to care for one of our most loved natural resources – trees. Well cared for trees are aesthetically pleasing, add considerable value to your property, purify […]