Green Architect


Paul D. Cate Cate Design I am a sole proprietor architect, committed to unique, high-performing, environmentally responsible, Green and net-zero projects. While most projects are medium sized residential projects (the typical Sedona market), multi-family residential (apartments, duplexes, townhouses), commercial, light industrial, organizational (e.g. American Legion Hall), charter schools et al […]

Work completed for American Heritage Academy by Paul Cate, Architect.

Sedona Referrals Club Meeting of April 18, 2012

Mr. Carl Ramsey of Architectural & Environmental Associates, Inc. was the featured presenter at Wednesday’s meeting. Carl is a Green Architect, as well as an inspector for harmful substances such as mold, radon, lead and asbestos that may be hiding in your home or office.   He shared how dangerous, even fatal, […]