Live Stream – Aug 2 – Business Presenter

  Live Stream was the Topic of This Week’s Presentation Today’s Speaker was Angelo LaMarco who told our members about a new aspect of his video production business. Sedona Media Services films and live streams events with multiple cameras. Weddings, Corporate events, and Conferences are professionally filmed and then live-streamed […]

Angelo LaMarco–Digital Edge Video Productions–June 8–Business Presenter

Video Production–This Week: Angelo LaMarco of Digital Edge Video Productions presented to the club the regulations for drone aerial videography and showed some stunning footage of Sedona shot with a drone. The footage was part of a PBS television special “Esteban In Sedona” that Angelo filmed in town using a local […]

Angelo LaMarco of Digital Edge Video Production – April 20 – Video Presentations

In lieu of a presenter for this meeting, member Angelo LaMarco from Digital Edge Video Production, discussed the video presentations members are preparing for the Club’s website. SRC is in the process of developing a video directory of services and each member is making a 60 second video commercial for the […]


  Angelo LaMarco Digital Edge Video Production Digital Edge is headed by Angelo LaMarco who has over 25 years of experience in videography and editing.  Angelo also holds certificates in video production from NYU Film School and in digital audio engineering and music theory from The Recording Institute of Detroit. Angelo […]

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