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Serving Sedona, Cottonwood, & the Verde Valley for over 30 years, Foothills Property Management Inc. is one of the oldest and largest property management company in the area. Our staff has over 75 years of property management experience. Foothills Property Management Inc. is a family business founded over 30 years ago. We have one of the largest inventories of privately owned apartments, condos, town homes and homes in the Sedona and Verde Valley Areas.

We are committed to embracing future technologies and marketing that serve both our tenants and owners. At the same time we value the small town service ethics and care that our company was built on.

Vacation Rentals


Vacation Rentals

Gina Hull

1615 W. State Route 89A
Sedona, AZ 86336

Office: (928) 282–2864




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2 thoughts on “Sedona’s Finest Vacation Rentals

  • Taylor Jane Green

    Sig saved my life with an eczema condition that came out of nowhere at age 59. After trying many things… Nothing worked… And it increasingly became a living hell.

    I encountered people who have suffered with this for over 50 years. The internet was filled with people suffering with this condition FOR YEARS simply finding bandaid relief in creams, etc… for this itching (imagine poison ivy), crawling, stinging, burning, tickling sensation condition (if you scratch it, it BLEEDS, gets worse and hurts MORE). People reported having it for eight years…10 years… and more!

    So when Sig said there was a good possibility that he could permanently relieve it within two months or so… I couldn’t believe it. I had hope.

    Sure enough, within weeks, I received 90% relief. NINETY PERCENT. After months of suffering. I am AMAZED.

    For me, it is nothing short of a Miracle for which I feel forever grateful and fortunate. Sig, and I’m sure Sarah, are true Healers. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart. Their clinic now has my heart. Their form of health care is something I will now use for the rest of my life. With regard to prevention, maintenance and repair.